Mortadella from Bologna IGP, is the most famous salame in the Felsinea gastronomic tradition (Felsinea from Felzna or Velzna, the name originally given to this Capital of Emilia Romagna by the Etruscans).
A salame of centenary existence, its origins are mentioned in documents that date to the Renaissance. Numerous sources attest to the fact that the recipe for mortadella was codified by Cristoforo di Messisbugo, who was a sort of maitre d’ at the service of Cardinal Ippolito d’Este, as well as an author, who penned one of the first and fundamental treatises on historic gastronomy.

Mortadella of Bologna as it is prepared today is perhaps slightly different from that created by Messisbugo, but it does follow the precept as set by him to use only pigs’ meat.
Not only, but it is prepared with meats that are very carefully-selected and worked according to a European disciplinary code. The meat is triturated and formed into a sort of paste that becomes very fine with the aid of special machines.
After being passed through these machines three times, the meat is enriched with small fat cubes, taken exclusively from the throat of the pig, which is the most valuable and the hardest of the fat tissues. This mixture is then packed into a tube (of natural or synthetic materials) and cooked in large, hot, dry-air ovens, and successively cooled at high speed.